I Am Working in a Warehouse

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I have just started a new job and it is really quite tedious to be honest with you. I am working at the distribution center for a number of e commerce sites. There are tons and tons of them, but a lot of them sell pornographic videos and sex toys and that sort of thing. There is a vast amount of this sort of thing in the place and of course they usually robotic pickers to take it off of the shelves. There are around a hundred people working in the warehouse, most of them do the same thing that I do. We pack up the boxes, seal them up and put the labels on them. Then we send them out on trucks and vans to be delivered all over the country and beyond. It is not very fun, but you are busy nearly all of the time and so it is better than having a really boring job like the last one that I had. Most of it fits into my schedule since I am going to school in the mornings and the afternoon.

The worst thing is the paranoia they have about theft, which I suppose is justified. People would obviously steal things if you did not make it really difficult. They have you on camera all of the time of course. They are looking out for you putting extra stuff in the boxes. That would be the most clever way to steal. You could get someone you know to order stuff that is not all that valuable and then slip in something nice like a smart phone or another piece of electronics like a tablet computer. When you leave the place they want to search you, so it is impossible to go out for a bite to eat on break.