Some hamsters are extremely susceptible to COVID-19

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Golden Syrian hamsters are highly susceptible to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, a new study shows harga mesin penyulingan minyak atsiri.

While the species is popular among pet owners, the results, posted April 20 at bioRxiv, are not cause for panic, says Anne Balkema-Buschmann, a veterinarian at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut in Riems, Germany. “The message of this paper is not that hamsters are ticking time bombs that can’t be kept in households any longer.” But pinpointing just how sensitive the animals are to SARS-CoV-2 can help researchers fine-tune experiments that use hamsters to test potential treatments for COVID-19.

The rodents made headlines in January when a cluster of COVID-19 cases in people emerged around pet shops in Hong Kong. In accordance with its “zero-COVID” strategy, the government culled over 2,000 animals. A viral genetic analysis ultimately revealed that infected hamsters had transmitted the delta variant of the virus to humans twice, leading to at least one further human-to-human transmission. Aside from an instance of mink-to-human transmission in Denmark and a possible case of white-tailed deer-to-human transmission in Canada, this is the only documented example of the virus going from animals to humans.

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Hamsters can transmit the virus to their uninfected brethren and display similar pneumonia symptoms to humans. So since the early days of the pandemic, the rodents, including Golden Syrians (Mesocricetus auratus), emerged as a useful animal model for COVID-19 drug and vaccine research.

To better design their own COVID-19 vaccine and drug studies, Balkema-Buschmann’s team tried to determine how much SARS-CoV-2 virus actually makes the animals sick and shed the virus. The researchers found that the minimum infectious dose for hamsters is 1/5000th of some previous estimates and 1/100,000th the minimum infectious dose for humans.

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